Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space

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Dear friends,

Human beings are most curious. We want to know everything. In fact, no other species on this planet pursues knowledge like the human being. And we know so many things! Yet, for the most part—though we claim to know so much—we don’t know who or what we actually are. We rarely question our assumptions about who we truly are and what life is.

Self-discovery is the auspicious opportunity here. And I want to emphasize from the very beginning that I am not interested in merely discussing or exchanging concepts. More than learning, every moment offers an opportunity to discover what is true and everlasting within ourselves. Only what you genuinely discover will remain with you—that which you discover in your heart, not just what you think with your mind. Knowing and being must become one.

Truth, or awakening, is simply the recognition of what is already perfectly in place. It is not a doctrine and it is not a creation. It is the most profound and joyous discovery a human being will make. And it doesn’t lend itself easily to criticism either, because it is so pure, so direct—in fact, it is experientially irrefutable. It is like asking for some water, receiving it, and then drinking until your thirst is fully quenched.

I see amongst the human family that many people are deeply unhappy, though often unaware of the real cause. Yet, it is so easy and so natural to be happy, and even to go beyond the apparent limitations of human existence. There is so much more to who we are than what we habitually conceive ourselves to be. And no one is excluded from this profound discovery—though in the conditioned mind, enlightenment can seem like a spiritual fantasy.

For myself, the most beautiful, encouraging, and uplifting prospect in the human kingdom is this: if there arises within the heart a deep urge to discover the ultimate within ourselves, such a discovery is sublimely simple, available, and possible this very day.

Welcome to the realm of the all possible.

Timeless love,


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