The Power Of Musical Rounds

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The Book of Rounds

Musical rounds, by virtue of their repetitive nature, can elicit a meditative state.  One voice or line enters, then another, until you are immersed in a cascade of voice and harmony. Many people are familiar with the meditative and calming experience of Kirtan singing. The music helps induce a meditative state as you flow along with the melody & rhythm. The Book of Rounds: 21 Songs of Grace offers an alternative to Kirtan singing – it’s music you can use for the same benefit and more.

The lyrics of The Book of Rounds are intended as modern mantras, in English, set into beautiful musical rounds which, by their repetitive nature, are inherently meditative, so that both singer and listener are transformed by the experience. Elizabeth Loesser, co-founder of The Omega Institute, says this about the music:

“I am a choral singer, and have been my whole life. I have always longed for chants in English that express my spiritual understanding and longing. So, I’ve been waiting for your cd! It is beautiful in all ways–the rounds themselves, the lyrics, the instrumentation, and the voices. I know I will listen to it over and over.”

Ways to Experience the Rounds

  • say them
  • sing them
  • silently or aloud!
  • sing them by and to yourself or
  • sing them to another person(lullabye)
  • sing them – two people in unison is very satisfying!
  • two people in ROUNDS is FUN and a completely different happiness
  • sing them in a GROUP of singers  – a choir or a chorus
  • SING ALONG with whatever part you hear and like most in the recorded rounds
  • FEEL FREE TO CHANGE PARTS there are no rules!
  • LISTEN to them
  • LISTEN to what draws you in
  • one at a time if you only have 3 minutes
  • listen to the WHOLE PIECE if you want to induce a deep or devotional state of clearing and grace

Intention/Effects of The Book of Rounds

  • fugue of positive messages
  • clears a space inner or outer
  • elicits and induces feelings of wellbeing and peace
  • sacred, spiritual but not specifically religious
  • elevates vibrational level
  • offers an embrace of protection and comfort
  • transmutes negative energy and experiences into positive ones

Sample The Book of Rounds album here!

About The Book of Rounds

With The Book of Rounds, October Project offers an album to comfort, heal, and awaken listeners.

Originally composed as “modern mantras” or plainchants for listening or joining in, these contemplative rounds, voiced a cappella, return us to the spiritual origins of all song—the merging of words and music among kindred souls, to illuminate and elevate.

Performed beautifully here by a choir specially created for this album, including members of the band, these tracks evoke the felt experiences of grace, shelter, hope amidst darkness, joy, renewal, and more.

October Project is best known for the albums October Project and Falling Farther In and includes here members Julie Flanders, Marina Belica, and Emil Adler. For more information, visit

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