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“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”

—Meister Eckhart 

I believe that if people from all of the different wisdom traditions gathered together and were asked to agree on one focus for a special day of reflection, “giving thanks” would be somewhere at the top of the list. 

Gratitude changes us. Instead of looking at what’s wrong, we turn our hearts for a moment to what’s right. And there are so many things that are right. 

For example, the appreciation of one complete breath (as corny as it sounds, whenever I turn my mind to gratitude, this is the first place I start)—feeling the fluttery exhilaration of the inhale, the excitement at the top of the inhale, the relaxation of a full and deep exhale, and then the interesting open space that awaits when our exhale is complete (you can tell I feel grateful for breathing). 

And then there is the feeling of air on our skin, and the faces of the people we love, and the beauty of trees and the natural world … and we can each go on and on and on and on. 

And let’s do that! Let’s go on and on and on and on about all of the ways that we appreciate what is right and beautiful in this moment (and if you’re at all like me, with a tendency to focus on problem-solving, this might not be your usual perspective). 

And if you do go on and on and on and appreciate the beauty that is right here, you probably won’t need science to tell you that you have shifted the neural pathways in your brain (although scientific studies will certainly confirm that)—you can feel the immediate shift.

As I write this, I feel appreciative of so many beautiful “presences” in my life, including the presence of YOU. I am grateful that you read these posts, that you feel in some way connected to Sounds True, that you are interested in personal transformation, in being wholehearted and of benefit to others. I am grateful that, even though it is through this weird form of a mass communication from me to you, we are connected. 

At Sounds True, we are grateful to the entire ecosystem of which we are a part: to our authors, to the ideas themselves, to our vendors and manufacturers, to the buildings that house us, to the natural world, and to future generations. 

And most of all, we are grateful to you, the individual person who enjoys and derives benefit from the learning programs we create. And we want to make sure we are meeting you “where you are at” and that our programs are accessible and you feel encouraged to explore and learn from different teachers. Like most companies, our deepest discounts of the year are available between now and the end of December, and I want you to know about this, if you are interested. To learn more about these special offers, just click here

Gratitude creates a circle of appreciation. When we express our gratitude, the recipient feels it, lights up, and appreciates our existence in return. I love being in a virtuous circle of appreciation with you. 


With love and a grateful heart, 

tami simon sounds true author photo

Tami Simon

Founder and publisher,

Sounds True

P.S. Once again, our deepest discounts of the year are now available through December 20. Please click here to learn more.

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9 Responses

  1. Jane Ewins
    | Reply

    I am grateful that your offerings reach all the way to Australia! In appreciation of all you “do” and “be”. Thank you Tami! Kind regards and love. Jane

  2. Alina
    | Reply

    Dear Tami I also feel compelled to thank YOU and your team of helpers. This year I have had the good fortune to have more time to explore the Sounds True offerings. I am sooo grateful not just for what you offer but for the spirit in which you do so, an exemplary model of integrity, generosity and higher purpose. Thank you for being you. May your holiday season be nurturing, joyful and full of delight.

  3. White Hawk Medicine Woman
    | Reply

    I felt compelled to post this information to you Tami. I did not see where I could send an e-mail. It is in response to your revealing about nail biting. I heard Whoopie Goldberg say one day on the View that she use to bite her nails. Then, she found out one day through a study that even if you wash your hands really well there still is microscopic amounts of urine and poop still there. That was enough for her. So, she stopped biting her nails.

  4. Rebecca
    | Reply

    Thank you, Tami and Sounds True Staff, for providing much needed teachings and courses to help all of us grow into the most radiant and authentic versions of ourselves. Now more than ever, all of us must show up as beacons of light and love for our country and the world. Bless you all at Sounds True, and Happy Holidays.

  5. Carlotta Smith
    | Reply

    “i love being in a virtuous circle of appreciation with you.”
    There is so much to feast on with these words placed on the table. I have been impacted by Tami’s words, thoughts and actions for years. To inhale that we co-inspire in virtuous circles is the ultimate circle game. I appreciate every collective breath we take and release, expressing interdependence and inclusiveness.

  6. Marie Kelly
    | Reply

    Tami, thank you for that lovely piece of reading on Gratitude, very uplifting. Blessings to you.

  7. Kathy
    | Reply

    Tami, I am not one to write in these comment sections but feel
    Compelled to write to you personally for all you are doing with this platform to reach, inspire and bring people together. Your voice, your outlook, even this lovely greeting just reflect so much love. I’m very appreciative for the gifts Sounds True makes possible and for the reverence authenticity is held.

  8. Jill
    | Reply

    I’m very grateful for the Sounds True organization, and for the many interviews I’ve listened to, books I’ve read, and courses I’ve enrolled in. Truly an inspiration for leading a better life. Thank you Tami!! Sincerely, Jill Y

  9. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Thank you Tami Simon and all the Sounds True Staff, I listen to the weekly podcasts and appreciate the work you do. Working on Calm presence. Blessings to you.

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