A Guide to Self-Compassion – October 2017

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Welcome Dear Friend,


We are thrilled and honored to be present with you on this journey!   We’d love for this space to be a map to your highest self and a beacon to creativity and expression. The coming months will be full of guide posts and inviting spaces, awaiting your contemplation’s and discoveries.  We’d love to spark, share and sustain well-being with you.

Self-Compassion is our guide for the month of October!  Self-compassion can be a hard thing to come by these days. Too often than not, we have an inner critic that is bigger than our inner cheerleader. It’s time to notice those thoughts and be kind to them.  Self-compassion is not always innate, but it can indeed be learned.

October will be filled with weekly self-compassion content.  Please check out our content guide for dates!  We look forward to going on this adventure with you!


With love on the journey,


Your friends at Sounds True

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