Deepening intimacy: Breakthrough insights for unfolding the full potential of your relationship

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It’s been really wonderful to hear from so many of you regarding the Self-Acceptance Project. Thus far, we’ve had 35,000 or so register and will continue to make the videos available to you on into the future, at no cost.

I wanted to let you know about a new series that Tami and I are just starting to work on, which we are both excited about and feel is so important – Deepening Intimacy: Breakthrough insights for unfolding the full potential of your relationship. We’re looking to launch the program in February of 2014, with 15 or so leading spiritual teachers, therapists, neuroscientists, and writers who we feel have something really important to contribute. Here is a description of the series… stay tuned for further details.

A free 7-week online video series…

Often people find themselves in intimate relationships that they describe as “fine,” “not bad,” “okay,” or even “good.” It is much less likely, however, to hear that a relationship is “deeply nourishing,”  “transformative,” or is otherwise  serving as a vehicle for profound growth and awakening. We have all experienced how relationship can become habitual and sluggish, where the status quo is maintained, while underneath a deep longing is felt for something more. Many sense the possibility that intimate relationship offers, yet aren’t quite sure how to access it. They inevitably ask: Is this as good as it gets?

In Deepening Intimacy, we’ve gathered 13 of the world’s experts on intimacy and relationships – teachers, writers, researchers, and therapists – who have collectively worked with tens of thousands of couples of all types – to explore the potential of intimate relationship to serve as a crucible for transformation and awakening. In our series, these experts share their secrets with you, their breakthrough insights, and the fruits of their years of exploration.

In order to make the journey that intimacy offers, most agree that we must be willing take a risk, to dare to move into the unknown, and to be extraordinarily vulnerable; we must be willing to consciously turn toward all that is unresolved within us, and to cultivate new levels of kindness and courage. In this way, many consider the path of intimacy the greatest vehicle we have in the contemporary world for personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual awakening.

We invite you to join Sounds True publisher – Tami Simon – as she joins these visionaries to explore the further reaches of intimacy, and the true potential of a life devoted to the ever-deepening discoveries of love.

I look forward to seeing you all online in early 2014!



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7 Responses

  1. Asa Beckman
    | Reply

    Hi Matt and Sounds True
    Looking forward to the next series. I am sure it will be very helpful to myself and others. The self-acceptance project was great. Thank you for your generosity and curiosity.

    • Matt Licata
      | Reply

      Thanks so much, Asa – so happy to hear you enjoyed the Self-Acceptance Project. We’re starting to put together Deepening Intimacy now, and have a really wonderful lineup. We look forward to sharing it with you in the new year. Take care.

  2. Angie Webster
    | Reply

    Your free programs have made an enormous difference in my life and my husband’s as well. Thank you so much for doing these. I can’t wait to join this new one. Bless you.

    • Matt Licata
      | Reply

      So happy to hear this, Angie… we look forward to you and your husband joining us for Deepening Intimacy and our other programs over the months and years to come… take care.

  3. Kathy Kelley
    | Reply

    thank you

  4. Kelly
    | Reply

    Very much looking forward to this.

  5. Silvia
    | Reply

    Thank yous sooooo much for all that u do are Tami and for making so many accessible releases to the world helping us greatly on this journey making us grow making us whole thank you for launching this program again soon thank you for all this mind blowing greatness!

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