A cure through love

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It was Freud, in a letter to Carl Jung, who said: “psychoanalysis in essence is a cure through love.” It hurts us so much when those around us are suffering, when those we care about are struggling. Maybe it’s one … Read More

The Wake Up badger

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Not long ago I engaged in a shamanic journey with the intention of meeting my power animal. I was and still consider myself completely new to the practice of journeying. Although I may have a theoretical understanding through my exposure … Read More

All in a flow together

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What is spiritual awakening? Author, respected energy healer, and medical doctor Ann Marie Chiasson speaks of the journey as waking up to the reality that “we’re all in a flow together.” Rather than perceiving reality through the lens of what we want, … Read More

Spiritual friendship

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What if the leading energy in our lives were to be our heart and our heart’s cry? What if living a “spiritual life” was actually synonymous with living a “heart-centered life”? These are some of the questions I have been … Read More

The Wake Up Festival 2013!

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Dear friends, I want to invite all of you to come spend a week with us in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains this summer where we will create a holding environment of the most radical love and healing together. I’d love … Read More

Accompanying each other

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Recently, someone who works at Sounds True asked me if I would be her “buddy” in an experiment. She is getting married in June,and she has historically been a nail-biter. She wants her finger nails  to look beautiful and elegant … Read More

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