Your original face

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There is a famous Zen koan that asks, “What is your original face, the face you had before you were born?” Whenever I have heard this koan, my first response is, “I have no idea how to answer that.” And … Read More

Multiple bottom lines

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Throughout the years, we at Sounds True have developed a guiding philosophy that we call “multiple bottom lines.” Our dedication to this principle is embodied in our Mission Statement: The mission of Sounds True is to find teachers and artists … Read More

Burning brightly

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Is it necessary to make a commitment to study and practice within one tradition? When I first started meditating, I was introduced by Burmese meditation master S.N. Goenka to the old adage, “If you want to find water, don’t dig … Read More

Gratitude… a visual tour

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We were honored at last year’s Wake Up Festival to have with us film maker Louie Schwartzberg, to introduce and show us his short piece on gratitude. While this life has so many challenges, uncertainties and, as the Buddha has … Read More

Holding mother in our heart

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Let us keep all mothers in our hearts today, creating for them the most luminous holding environment of love, in which they can rest and be nourished. Through the unknown – and through the most sacred womb – they have … Read More

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