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By Janine Shepherd I have spent most of my life trying to hide the extent of my disability. By sharing my story in Defiant, at long last, it feels like I have ‘come out’ as a spinal patient and it … Read More

Inner Rhythm Meditations

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By Byron Metcalf My new album is ideal for bodywork, movement practices such as walking meditation and qigong, and promoting a state of relaxed, alert creativity. I invite you on an immersive journey with me into the rhythms and music of … Read More

Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom

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Dear Wisdom Seekers, I am writing to tell you that anything is possible. You have the potential to change your state of health for the better—permanently. Thanks to Ayurveda, the profound 5,000-year-old health awakening wisdom from India, I have successfully … Read More

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