Winter Solstice: Rebirth of Light

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At winter solstice, the darkest point of the year, light begins its journey of reemergence. This great cosmological rhythm sets our internal clocks, our biorhythms, to the subtle glow of slowly increasing light.  In our spiritual and creative process, we … Read More

The Power in Writing Your Obituary

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  While many of us spend December celebrating the holidays, this is also the perfect time for reflection—and for death and rebirth. Writing as a path to awakening is an invitation and celebration—it’s your ticket back to your creative brilliance. … Read More

Help Children Relax at Bedtime

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Looking for more great reads?   Excerpted from Good Night Yoga. Written by Mariam Gates and illustrated by Sarah Jane Hinder. Mariam Gates holds a master’s in education from Harvard University and has more than 20 years’ experience working with children. Her renowned … Read More

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