Eckhart Tolle’s free “UnCourse”

Friends, we would like to invite you to take a free online course (or, what he calls an “UnCourse”) with our dear friend Eckhart Tolle. Unlike traditional approaches to learning, the UnCourse is not about the accumulation of more knowledge or achieving an intellectual (or even spiritual) goal. Instead, it is about you and the peace and freedom that you already are.

What happens in the UnCourse?

• Participate in nine sets of video teachings with Eckhart
• Use simple exercises to assist you in practicing presence in challenging situations
• Apply Eckhart’s teachings to your work life, parenting, and your intimate relationships
• Reflect on your feelings and ideas

Learn more about Eckhart’s UnCourse, in partnership with Sounds True, and register for free today!


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Matt Licata

Matt Licata, PhD, is editor of Many Voices and has worked at Sounds True in a variety of capacities for over 20 years. He is a psychotherapist in private practice in Boulder, CO, with a doctorate in psychology, and editor of A Healing Space, which may be found at To connect with Matt on facebook, please visit Or via his website -

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