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Common Ground Magazine recently caught up with David Deida for an exclusive interview—his first in a decade. Best known for his best-selling classic The Way of the Superior Man,... Read More

Do You Believe in Magic?
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By Solala Towler   I was driving today and saw a bumper sticker in front of me that said, “I brake for elves and unicorns.” It made me chuckle... Read More

A New Way to Be in 2016
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By Mary O’Malley We are quickly approaching the end of January when many of our New Year’s Resolutions begin to fade away.  What if, instead of getting caught up... Read More

Your Mind Is Not In Charge!
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By Mary O’Malley A friend of mind called me the other day and said, “Mary, I am in so much turmoil.  I can’t seem to remember anything and... Read More

The Beauty in the Darkness
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By Mary O’Malley For thousands and thousands of years, human beings have been honoring the Solstice.  We have built many monuments all over the earth to honor this... Read More


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